Tuesday, November 16

Who says Wifey isn't thrifty?

Wifey and I are a couple who believes alot in utilising one's strength to cover the other person's weakness.

That's married life, my friends. Each of us has a part to play!

While I worry about bringing in the moolah ($), she worries about us having excesses. While I'm surfing investment forums, she's surfing the shopping forums. And when I'm out there networking with my newfound friends, you can bet the kind-hearted girl is out there doing charity at retail outlets.

Yes, Singapore has the fastest growth rate in the world for the year 2010. And it's solely thanks to Wifey! She has the potential to single-handedly turn around the US economy and help the Democrats win back some lost seats (email me, Mr Obama!!!).

Anyway, I do a monthly stocktaking of our overall financial health, to ensure we are on target for a decent retirement. And I make it a point to keep my Wifey aware of our financial situation - just to let her know that while we don't have more money than than Mr Lee Kuan Yew (he's 87 and still working), but we can retire earlier than him.

But Wifey's ain't interested in how much we have, she's meant for bigger things in life. Quoting my ever-intelligent Wifey...
"I don't care how much we have so long as I have enough to spend."

My jaws drop. But nonetheless this award-winning quote will come in handy when I tell stories to my future descendents in my open lodging under the bridge. -_-''

And before you think I'm trying to say Wifey's a spendthrift, that is a myth - she is a very thrifty person.

And how do I know that?

Because she saves her money by making purchases with the supplementary credit card I gave her. 0.o

And at the end of every month, after I have finish paying all my credit card bills, she looks at me with that puppy look (again), and just couldn't figure out why I can't save up as much as she could.


Sometimes I also wonder where all my money went.
Someone enlighten me?

About the Author: Shingo T will like to clarify that this post is not meant to be sarcastic. ^_^ In reality, though Wifey likes to spend, she does her research beforehand to ensure we get the best bargain for each and every of the many countless, endless, infinite things that she buy (including those bought when my back is turned). Hugs and kisses, Wifey!


Twilight said...

Over the years, I told everyone that I voted Singapore and San Francisco as the 2 nicest places to live on earth! You guys are so lucky! Me ~ still struggling in this country.

Lily Riani said...

my money is my money, your money is my money theory

Kym said...

hahaha! i love using the puppy look face... but sadly it doesn't really work on my fiancee ;P but that's good that you guys balance each other out... b/c it would be a disaster if you BOTH loved spending like crazy!

Netster said...

hahahahaha this story remind me of me. the bank are only interested you to spend and I'm glad i'm in different line(job) now that make me realised how much I love to spend. Thats because when you work for the bank they don't teach you how to save... it was the other way round.

presently, my work is all about saving and protection and it makes a lot of different to my life.

Love this post :) I may want to quote it in my presentation hahahaha :)

LilyChen said...

Haha, I just thought your cute wifey wouldn't be like that, because I met her and had a good impression, she always smiled gracefully. Since you're the main economic resource of your family, she has to be smarter to buy the most calculated things, but she is even smarter than me, because she knows to keep her own money. :-P

iamthewitch said...

Haha Yay! I can sense that your wifey and I can be good friends!! :P

MKL said...

I think you two are very different in some regards, but aware of it and get along well with each other, because you tolerate the other person's different ways.

I think saving is good, I always try to save a part of my incomes, but spending keeps the economy going. Of course it needs to be within some norms. Great article again, Shingo. You should write for the Straits Times :P

RicAdeMus said...

Nice save at the end! =)

My wife and I have the same arrangement, but I do get a little upset when I discover checks missing from my checkbook.

I have an award waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

"I don't care how much we have so long as I have enough to spend."

Haha..that's the dreaded statement guys wouldn't want to hear from their spouses! ;)

lina said...

I like your wifey's view. LOL
If only I can apply that to my hubby!
Well, if you wife has enough to spend, I guess she meant that you have enough to stash away too before she starts spending away. No? XD

Jo said...

Blogwalking here.

Haha... I love this post and I love your wife's quote. I shall use that on the hubby next time. Your wife is so lucky to have a sup card from you. Maybe I should try to con the hubby of one. Hehehe...

Stefanie said...

"Because she saves her money by making purchases with the supplementary credit card I gave her."

Shingo, please tell your wifey, SHE IS SMART! The best tactic ever because eherm...:D

Anonymous said...

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