Sunday, November 14

The Voice from Above.

I am a Buddhist by birth (because my parents are), but I always consider myself a free-thinker.

OK, maybe the person I worship is the guy on the dollar note.
Singapore Dollar Note

Anyway, I was on a networking session recently and there was a talk by Patrick Liew, who is the director of home-grown real estate company called HSR. Patrick is also a philantrophist and does numerous wide-scale charity projects.

Patrick Liew

Well, Patrick shared his rag to riches story. Won't write much about this, but he has this interesting personal philosophy about about listening to The Man Above.

Knowing that religion is a touchy subject here in Singapore, he first gave a disclaimer that any religions that condemn other religions can't be any way good. He said that regardless of the name that we call our God, he strongly believes that there is an upper authority up there who speaks to us, IF ONLY we allow ourself to hear him speak.

He told us how this voice guided him to be the person that he is now, and how we can get in touch with The Man Above. And we don't neccessary have to get in touch by going to church or temples, but rather, we just have to get ourself away from interruptions. He does so simply by going for a jog with his dog.

I actually have similar rituals too, when I am out cycling in the morning. That is the best time to get away from everything and do a little self-indulgence of being free. I'm not exactly sure if it's the voices from Above, but I hear voices in my heart. It gets me to reflect on what I have been doing, and gain clarity on what I want in life. I take stock of what I have done, and constantly re-align my directions with my goals.

Thus I always feel good after an hour of cycling.

And that is why I don't over-pack my schedule with too much events, I need spare time to reconnect with my inner self.

In this Rat's Race, it's easy to run around the corporate circuit like a headless chicken. So do you set aside a little time to listen to The Man Above, or at least your inner self?


Lily Riani said...

i kinda do. but like you, when i go for a walk and reaccess myself. then i go like "shit is should have done that, need to control my temper, etc etc" when i am done with my walk. i feel more peaceful.

Twilight said...

Not only I have spoken but seen them too. I am not kidding man. Ever seen some of my previous blog posts? I was a wild kid and now become a staunch Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

How can he be sure the voice he heard is God? People hear lots of voices these days.

de.lizzy.cious said...

is it weird that i usually self-reflect while showering??


or driving.

Shingo T said...

I try not to have regrets and negative thoughts when recalling bad stuffs that have happened. I forgive myself, and find reasons to forgive all those around me. But then, that's just me. ^_^

From your comments and your blog, you really seem to have seen alot of the world. You are one interesting guy.

Mei Teng:
haha, I know what you mean. It's either God, or delusions.

Haha, you better concentrate when driving, haha.

Anonymous said...

I've always tot that it makes more sense for you to be a kind hearted person than to "belong" to any religion.

Ai Shiang said...

I tried to hear His voice but never did I ever manage to. which turn out to be a good sign. After asking that question, I found out that a person who hears His voice and do what he asks of you is diagnose as mentally insane.

Hearing that voice, I would like to define it as "meditation" when you hear your own voice and not other entity. I meditate every day befor I start my work.

MKL said...

This seemed less about god, but more about de-stressing. I do that, when I go for a walk. But I guess the best time is, when I sightsee and explore a new place. Wish I could do that every week :)

iamthewitch said...

I always spend a few minutes before bed to listen to my inner thoughts and to have peace. I guess that counts too? :)

HappySurfer said...

Oh dear, I was almost afraid to say it but some of my greater ideas came from showertime. I suppose I'm not alone. LOL!

Say, isn't it dangerous to be cycling and thinking at the same time?

Shingo T said...

Haha, some of my greatest inspiration comes from my time sitting on the toilet bowl.

I guess that makes me "The Thinker".

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