Sunday, January 16

Random Notes 48

Otaru Canal in Hokkaido
Otaru Canal in Hokkaido: Pic stolen from

(1) Wifey has been doing tons of research on what to wear for our Hokkaido trip in 2 weeks time. Heard the weather there is freezing cold at this time of the year. Will take lots of pics and share with you guys. ^_^

(2) I have completed the first of my four year 2011 resolutions last Friday. It's something that is way overdue, but then again being late is better than never. And I have went to buy 4D with the numbers "3027" to commemorate the event.

(3) Read somewhere that in the freezing cold, if 2 people kiss mouth lip to lip, their lips will get stuck. Time to debunk the myth.

(4) One of my friends was sharing with me about his life working 3 days a week. It really reminds me of this saying "If you are that damn good at doing something, you should be getting paid for it", as opposed to just getting a fixed meagre salary.

(5) What do you do when you spot a hawker selling great food at low prices? How about helping him become a business owner (instead of being a self-employed), and making yourself his business partner?

(6) Salt water as a natural, cheap and effective cure for people with skin diseases. That's what someone on my regular forum says. He claims it worked for his dad and his dog. All hail Mother Nature!

(7) I have a friend who likes to go Facebook and see how her ex-boyfriend is doing. And each time she does that, she becomes demoralised when she starts envying how well he is doing. And thus I call her the moth, she has to stop flying towards the light.

(8) With the Singapore government's recent tightening to combat increasing property prices, it becomes harder for people to get a piece of the "buy and rent/sell" pie. Time to keep the eyes open for other opportunities out there.

(9) I realised that Wifey enjoys helping me pluck out my white hair. She recently plucked about 30 from my head. White hair is fine, it's at least better than a patch with no hair. *blush*

(10) I'm still on track with regular morning jogs. Gonna keep to my side of the bargain to run 21km at the end of the year, now that I have told all of you about it. =p


MKL said...

Have a lovely trip to Hokkaido. You would never bring me anywhere close to that snowy hell. I rather lay under a palm in Siloso beach and watch those big oil tankers passing by... *sigh*

Netster said...

All the best to your trip. I really wish to go there again in the future.

I want to stay a bit longer to see this part of the world.

I missed Tokyo and ramen a lot!


// krissy ♥ said...

I also like plucking white hair out of people's heads lol. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Travelling during CNY? Most people do that these days.

You can always dye your hair black...or just let your hair take on the grey black look? :)

Lily Riani said...

i them all, some very inspiring indeed and do-able if we have ample cash that is. nonetheless, do-able.

and yes! i want to see pics of hokkaido!

blee said...

i hope to visit Japan some time..

autumn said...

4) wah, 3 hours a week only! how does he do that? share share! =D

9) i heard that plucking hairs may result in damage to the root of the hair, so i try not to do so and just let mine be, like what you mentioned, got hair better than no hair =.=

Ai Shiang said...

going to Japan again? I thought you went last year, didnt you?

I agree on (4), work smart not hard.

I have tonnes of white hairfor my age. Thinking and stressing too much, my husband says. Well, thinking of money lah :o) I just dye them mahogany copper 2 weeks ago.

khengsiong said...

Ah... Hokkaido is my dream destination. But Japan is too expensive a country to visit >.<

#5 is something I have been thinking of, but so far no avail...

khengsiong said...

BTW, do share your Hokkaido photos ;)

Bananazą®‡ said...

Random comments:
1. Its the preparation that makes the journey more interesting than the destination itself.

2. Good luck with your *tiga kosong dua tujuh*

3. Not sure but one thing for sure sometimes the cigarette got *glued* to the lips. *ex smoker*

7. She is carrying the excess baggage unable to let go. True, should float like a butterfly & sting like a bee instead of moth to let go of the past than wishing and hoping he falls flat on his face.

8. Come over to New Johor? lolz

9. My mama says pluck one grow 3 more grey hair how true?

10. Oh yeah half marathon end of the year. Go for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha 21km!!!!
Good luck!!

eh guess what, 0327 is da lucky number for me too! BIG day!!

HUAT ah!


[SK] said...

#1. cool!! you are going to Hokkaido!! so envy of you~~

#2: and your first resolution of 2011 is to strike a big jackpot with "3027"?? :D

#4: wow, just need to work for 3 hours a week?? i want that job also..

#7: yeah, that's very pathetic of her, why still care?? the more she cares, the worst she feels..

#9: i heard those who have grey hair will not go bald.. haha~~ :)

Kym said...

WHAT? I want to work 3 hours a week - what does this person do exactly??? haha! Anyway, whether it's 3 hours a week or 30 hours a week - i just want to be able to make a living doing what i love :)

HappySurfer said...

#1 - Today, the weather in Sapporo is below 3deg - just the mere mention of it drives shivers down my spine! Hope when you travel, the weather will be more pleasant. Have a wonderful holiday, Shingo!

#5 - It takes two to tango, leh. The hawker may be happy the way he is.

#6 - A girlfriend said it worked for her too. She used to go to one called Ayer Panas (what else?) in the Setapak area. The place is mostly crowded.

#9 - Did you say 30 strands? Bananaz's mom would say to expect 90 more! hehe..

#10 - good luck with your run.

iamthewitch said...

Wow you're going to Japan! Have a great trip! *envious* :P
Ooh plucking white hair eh? Some people say the more you pluck, the more they will grow back. I wonder if that's true? :P

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Enjoy Hokkaido and the cold!

Wenny Yap said...

I like your last note. Hopefully I'll get to meet you at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011. Keep training!

Btw, having greys or that empty patch do not necessarily mean you're old. Look on the positive end, you're such a great thinker! Wise one I hope!!

foongpc said...

1. Wow! Going Hokkaido? So nice! Enjoy your trip! But I can't stand the cold!

2. So fast?!

3. Yeah, let us know if it's a fact or myth : D

4. Wow! 3 days working in a week? How nice!!

5. That depends whether I am interested in the business!

6. I think salt is good for skin diseases but does not work for every skin disease out there.

7. Oh! She has to stop peeking into her ex-bf's life! She has to move on!

8. Yup, there are other opportunities!

9. Haha! White hair you can always dye black : )

10. Good luck on your 21km run! : )

ladyviral said...

1) Have a great trip!
2) Wow, resolution done... fast o.o
3) Do go try it out and see if it is true XD.
4) 3 working days a week... hmm... sounds like Pikey! I think :P
5) Ha offer the person? Later tio scold how?
6) Salt is good for skin scars but diseases? Hmmm... think only can kill those bacterial diseases.
7) Aiyar... ask her to let go lor... so sticky.
8) And everything else increases but not our salary!
9) shave bald :P
10) run forrest run! :D

Shingo T said...

Sorry, it's 3 days week, not 3 hours a week. The guy does his own consultancy business. Now I want to be a consultant too, haha!

having worked in a ship related industry before, the sight of floating vessels remind me of work everytime I was anywhere near the beach. Haha.

Ai Shiang:
yup, I was in Tokyo 2 years ago. Japan remains a memorable trip, so love its culture. Kawaii des ne!!

kill the urge and start planning for a Japan trip now! ^_^

haha, will you be coming for year 2011's Standard Chartered Marathon? Will be more than happy to say hi to my most positive thinking friend!

dblchin (double chin) said...

i always like your random notes! They r so entertaining!

✿ren said...

Hi back!

Sorry for the huge gap in between responding to your comment on my blog. ^^;

But anyway, wow! I hope your trip to Hokkaido will be very exciting and enjoyable, and remember to bring lip balm and moisturizer!

7-8 said...

#3: I don't know if that rumour has to do with kissing a lamp post instead. If you stick out your tongue at a lamp post in the freezing cold you will most certainly get stuck. So don't do that.

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