Monday, January 10

The past or the future.

My colleagues and I went for a one-day Johor Bahru trip close to the end of last year. We were supposed to meet at the Singapore side of the Customs, but two of my friends came one hour early, so we agreed to meet at City Square, the shopping centre right after the Malaysia customs.

However, I was an hour late when I reached City Square. I'm normally quite a punctual guy (when I'm not going wedding dinners), and I take pride in my discipline. But that day I had misjudged the time required.

Naturally my travelling companions asked why I was that late, but I didn't felt like explaining. When you try to justify your actions, like the bus was late, the queue were longer than usual etc.... it normally creates negative energy to yourself and no one loves a whiner.

Moreover, I only have myself to blame for not choosing to come out an hour earlier to cater for such possible situations.

So I told them “I give you 2 choices. Either you hear my lame excuses, or I treat you free drinks to make up for it.” And my companions enthusiastically chose the latter. ^_^

I ended up spending more to treat them bak kuh teh (pork rib soup) to atone for my lateness. I say it's money well spent!

And the rest of the day went on really well, eating + shopping + massaging at cheaper prices than Singapore, what’s there not to love?

2011 will be my year.
Don't lay blame, and don't waste time justifying.

Gotta take responsibility, look forward, and never look back (except for those nostalgic happy memories).

Let year 2011 be your year too, my friends!


iamthewitch said...

Love how you handle the situation of being late! I guess there's no point crying over spilt milk eh? Free drinks are more than welcome anytime! ;)
Happy New year!

Bananazą®‡ said...

Love the way you 'KISS' your friend no need to be long winded ..*cheong hei* but to Keep it Short & Sweet. Think life would be better that way to move on than find out the past which does not help at all to change any situation.

Lily Riani said...

2 THUMBS UP! dont admire the problem, solve it!

Anonymous said...

So nice of you to treat your friends to bak kut teh. I wouldn't mind being treated to a meal when friends turned up late. But it never happened! :)

I am sticky with punctuality. Dislike people who are late.

Jo said...

I agree. I will learn to try not to explain myself too much in future. Sometimes it's really necessary to explain yourself to avoid misunderstandings. Yet there are times when the person doesn't really give a damn whether you explain or not as long as you are there or as long as things get done on time etc. Explanation in this case only serves to complicates simple matters and make you look like someone full of excuse. I've experienced that on the other end ie feeling that the person really needn't explain so much and then I try to recall if I do that too and I'm guilty as charged.

Nice of you to treat your friends! I'm craving for bak kut teh now. Just curious, was yours the black or clear one?

BTW re your comment,
I think cars are not necessary unless you wanna travel to the factory outlets located more than an hour away from NYC (eg Woodbury I think). The yellow cabs everywhere and the subway is good enough. We did not head far and were mainly in Manhattan and for a while, Brooklyn area.

Anonymous said...

Like your style: Straight away buy makan for them to make up for your "mistake". Btw, what animal sign are you ? Can find out for you whether 2011 will be ur year or not.

Ai Shiang said...

I am a punctual person as well. I hate when something stops me from being that.

SOmetime it is hard to be punctual if you're depending on other factors on the road, which are not under your control ~ traffic jam, delays etc.

This reminds me of the time when I worked in Singapore back in 1998. A few girlfriends and I went to Johor for hair cut, shopping and buy all those junk food.

I thought you're from Johor, you must the your friends' tour guide there huh? :)

[SK] said...

yeah, you only look back if you want to learn a lesson and nothing else.. the most important time is NOW and look forward to a better future.. :)

Anonymous said...

:) That's the life easy, mate!

Shingo T said...

the bah kuh teh I tried in Johor was the black one. It doesn't taste of herb, and it is not pepperish, but it is very nice. But personally, I prefer Singapore's clearish version - I love the taste of pepper. ^_^

Thanks for the New York getting around tips. My wifey loves factory outlets. If we ever do go, guess we have to start checking for shuttle bus service to the factory outlets (if any).

I'm a horsey. I think it reflects alots about my personality. At least I think I'm hardworking, haha.

Ai Shiang:
yup, I'm a Johorean. But I don't know my way about as well as in Singapore.

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