Friday, May 27

Bickering is good

My cleaners are a couple in their 50s.
They are very diligent, and spread their roles well. The lady does all the "lighter" jobs (ironing and wiping), while the man does the "heavier" jobs (wash toilets, vacuuming, dissecting and cleaning aircon).

They may not talk much, but I could feel the bond between the two of them. The guy also rides his wife on a bicycle to my home. Damn sweet, right? I will love to ride Wifey around in a bicycle around the neighbourhood when we hit our 50s too.

I engage the 2 of them in small chit chats now and then. I was telling them minutes ago how much I envy them, to be able to work together daily as a team (and with no conflict of interest that might invite gossips), and spend time together.

Well, she replied me in jest "Where got good? We always end up bickering." And she laughed. I laughed too.

I wanted to say "Wait till he's gone. Then you will miss the bickering", but that doesn't sound appropriate, but you guys get what I mean, right?

Reflecting back, I spend so much less time with Wifey because of my new commitment. Maybe someday, I should just open a sugar cane drink shop, so that I get to be the boss (ok, its actually just self-employed), and Wifey can be the cashier.

We won't earn much, but we definitely have much more time together... and bicker about the small things in life while we still can.


One Woman's Thoughts said...

Sometimes people just fit together just perfect.

Loved your post. Yes, we sometimes can't even see how much in love we are when it's right there so close.

Wenny said...

I should think that bickering makes the heart grow fonder. Lo kong and me are almost 50 and it looks like the bickerings are getting lesser ... what could that mean???

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Bickering is good!It keeps us lively and connected. There are limits tho!

HappySurfer said...

Just like tango, it takes two to bicker..

Bananazą®‡ said...

Haha like HappySurfer's tango..if too quiet then life would be bored..haha.

Anonymous said...

Bickering is part and parcel of any relationship. Important thing is have a forgiving heart.

MKL said...

Having a wife is an amazing experience.

Shingo T said...

Haha, not bickering is good also mah, it means you two have come to the stage when time is better spent more constructively.

HappySurfer & Bananaz:
And just like tango, bickering is pretty fun when done correctly. =p

Welcome to the club, bro!

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