Sunday, September 7

Sing and Dance family

Wifey loves singing.
But I prefer dancing.
And I was thinking...

About a few years later.
Maybe a boy and a girl.
To each we will teach.

The boy to dance and rap.
The girl to sing and play.
The Q-P-D.
Quitars, Pianos and Drums.

From a tender young age.
We can start to be.
A sing and dance family.

My girl can be the singer.
My son can do the dance.
Limpeh be the manager.
And Wifey keep us up.
With her tender loving care.

Like the Jacksons 5.
Without the bleach and stuffs.
We will sing and do the dance.

We make people happy.
And gain some revenue.
With all these pretty money.
We will very well consume.


The Horny Bitch said...

That's call a fantasy.. hahahah! :p

The Horny Bitch said...

But it's sweet la.

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