Monday, December 14

Stupidity never exist.

From young, my mum has taught me never to call anyone "stupid".

She was a good role model, using words 可爱 (cute) as a substitute. When she's upset at the things I do, she will ask "为什么你这么可爱?" (why are you so cute?)

My young fragile heart was never shattered when she used such a mild word. It helped me alot as I spend more time improving myself after she say that, as opposed to getting upset over the remarks and being counter-productive.

Growing up, I took offense when people call others "stupid". If you are unaware why a person does not understand something you said, it doesn't mean they are "stupid", it only means that you have overrated your explanation.

That's why when colleagues ask me if they can ask me a "stupid question", I always reply that there's no such thing called a stupid question.

And many of these "stupid" questions ended up being interesting questions that challenge my thinking. After all, no one thinks too much about stuffs that appear very simple, and that's why issues will arrive.

There are silly people, simple people, ignorant people, insensitive people, disabled people and innocent people.

But none of them are stupid.

About the Author: Shingo T doesn't think George Bush is stupid, he's just insensitive to the people's needs.


Ai Shiang said...

Your mom is the opposite of my mom. My mom uses the word "stupid" on me all my life. She thinks "reverse psychology" is good. Maybe that's why my friends say that I lack emotion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you but sometimes certain things done by certain people really borders know la :)

Donna said...

i use the "stupid" word on daily basis one.
but none of my friends or me take that seriously.. haha..

ladyviral said...

Stupid is really a strong word to use... you are right. I used to grow up in a situation where mom would go "you so stupid!" in chinese... but I still hate using it... though there was a phase where I used it as ap lyful thing and found out the hard way it was so wrong.

Lily Riani said...

i too use the word stupid alot, most of the time is because the person didnot thought thru the whole logic thus big issues came up and explode. but then again, i am fussy!

Stefanie said...

Haha. That's true. That's why I say " Why are you so smart?!".

wenn said...

i hardly use the word, 'stupid'..instead i do use, 'silly'..

foongpc said...

Wow! Your mom is truly a good role model. You are lucky! Did you know many children grew up and thought they were stupid simply because they were called "stupid" many times by their parents?

foongpc said...

Of course George Bush s not stupid! He's made to appear as if he was. No stupid people can become a president of a country! Unless of course he was chosen by a whole group of stupid people! LOL!

foongpc said...

I feel sad when I hear adults scolding their children stupid. Imagine how their children would grow up to be next time! Calling oneself stupid often enough and your subconscious would accept it as reality. It would take lots of effort to reverse this psychological effect!

MKL said...

I usually say I was stupid, when I screw up... but never call others stupid, but I may think, hehe.. Ain't I cute? :P

SJ said...

hey you've a cute mom

A smile from SJ =)

khengsiong said...

You picture reminds me of a car sticker - No fat people
(or something like that. I can't remember very well.)

I find this offensive too...

HappySurfer said...

I'm lucky too to have grown up in a family environment where this word was never used. And I am thankful. I do not use it on anyone.

(I missed this post earlier.)

Shingo T said...

Ai Shiang:
Lacking emotions is not neccessary a bad thing. It helps you to make you to make more rational decisions. And you will make a better player at stock market too!

Mei Teng:
haha, get what you mean. But trust me, as we start growing white hairs, we become alot less bothered about many worldly affairs.

Haha, I guess it's still fine if you use it in a joking way, and only with the close friends.

I'll play safe and not use it on anyone.

It's ok to be playful, but there are also many ways to be playful without offending anyone. ^_^

Lily Riani:
It's ok to be fussy, as long as we don't rub people the wrong way. Strong words are a double edged sword, it can help or it can hurt.

How do you know I'm smart?

Great minds think alike!

Yes, I feel lucky to grow up under my mum's influence, though there are things she do that I don't exactly agree with. But nonetheless, whatever she does, she has our interest at heart.

George Bush has this very clueless default expression. But he's no pushover.

haha, time to change "stupid" to a better sounding vocabulary.

hey thanks!

oh, I haven't seen that car sticker yet.

I find your super positive thinking very rare in a Asian society. I like to think of myself as the male version of HappySurfer.

HappySurfer said...

Wow! Shingo, you make me blush. I'm not worthy... but thanks!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

teo said...

Bro, you change my life! :)

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